Why Underground?

Sunrise Landscape Great Smoky Mountains National Park Gatlinburg TN






If like any significant weather anomaly throughout history (or man-made catastrophic event – like a nuclear winter??) life and what you considered normal every-day life in your home, or even large parts of the entire country may be so significantly affected that is becomes extremely difficult to exist – living above ground exposes us to all manner of extremes in weather and temperatures which are not always favourable to us or for animal and plant life.

We can NOT assume that our above ground homes will be spared from significant damage caused by such weather extremes – particularly IF these are radically different to what we would expect – many homes would not sustain a massive snow fall for example particularly where snow has never fallen for many hundreds of years.

Why NOT be out of harm’s way, and still be able to surface to investigate and salvage what can be used.



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Preparation in times of uncertainty