Design Concepts




The objective for the basic design of any shelter is to be affordable, of solid and rigid construction, and capable of being fitted, transported and preferably buried.


For these reasons, the simplest method of establishing a shelter is to use a shipping container.

These can also be combined to make a structure which is modular and can offer options of segmented or open plan spaces.


We also strongly suggest using only…

    1. the 40 Foot long shipping container selecting some of the enclosure options available We select ONLY High Q containers (they provide more headroom)
    2. another option is the 20 foot container, but these are limiting in terms of providing sufficient living space and also provide adequate storage.
    3. Note that combining a number of containers can easily be managed to create an effectively large space for providing ample spare room – and trust us, you will find a use for every available space…
    4. Speak to us about what container options are available and why some are better to use than others – this is naturally dependent upon what you perceive your needs are and how much you are willing to spend in the developing of the shelter.





  1. We design and strengthen containers – in particular this is a requirement for use underground as they need to support the fill used to cover these in the process of burying them to conceal their position.
  2. Also consider that the container is a mere box – while it is of low-cost, it must also provide a secure warm and dry space in which to build in effect, a comfortable living space complete with bathroom / sewage management / sleeping quarters, storage and cooking capability etc.
    It is therefore quite conceivable that for a large number of adults / family members that 8 or 10 containers can be combined to provide space similar to the size of a small or average sized home.
  3. Naturally costs can be shared with like-minded people to construct a shelter complex capable of securely housing several dozen people in any number of private quarters, joined with tunnels and all sharing the kitchen / dinning space and family / lounge rooms as the main room.
  4. In a situation where a larger community want to build an underground shelter complex, it may be more economical to resort to using tilt slab concrete and roofing which provides all the space you can ever want for living spaces.


Containers can still be used as a cost-effective means for storage units for food, tools etc.

Deciding which serves your needs best, the shipping containers must be in generally good order to ensure strength for load carrying capability.



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