Why a Shelter?



Because you are still looking at this WEBSITE we assume that you are already convinced that we are in very serious situation.
What trouble is that and what will occur we can NOT be too certain.

We believe that according to the news we are plugged into, that a Financial Collapse is probably most likely?


In preparing for what will be required to ensure the best possible chances of surviving the financial calamity which will ensue as a consequence of what is happening all around us.

I am preparing to ‘bug out’ from the city – and although we hope we are wrong, there remains a sense of urgency to be preparing for the worst.


Having a SAFETY shelter for the storage of long-life foods, seeds and gardening tools, even fire arms to hunt and protect one-self with will be critical for survival from the breakdown of society as we know it today.

So If you at least agree in principle – and want to prepare by taking affirmative action – then NOW is the time to ACT…



We can be contacted by email : info@podshelter.com

Preparation in times of uncertainty