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When life seems normal…

We rise and do what we do each day, we hear the news but somehow it doesn’t affect us – right?

We expect that we will always have plenty of warning, and plenty of time to be informed about and respond to changes which will affect us.  Sadly however, we can NEVER assume that nothing can or will happen which turns our world upside down.

What happens affects us in ways which may surprise us all…
Having a plan and taking proactive measures in preparation and execution of that plan are critical IF you want to be properly prepared for any eventuality…

Having an ‘Action Plan’ could mean having the time required to fully implement that plan, or finding that because of a lack of knowledge about what to do in any action plan, that valuable time is lost – and so to the effectiveness of the plan – meaning that lost opportunity is suffered by one or more members of your team in reaching a certain rendezvous point etc?

This is turn could mean the difference between survival and falling victim to the circumstances of the emergency – which could be anything?  The consequences of this could be life threatening, a result of being cut off and isolated and unable to reach the appointed place of shelter, and facing perhaps even the possibility of starvation, exposure (hypothermia) or even falling victim to others who may over-power you.


So here we want to give you fair warning about what we have already learned from history…


Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it… 


Next Steps…


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Making the right moves...

Critical to being awake and aware of what is happening all around us is possibly the most important thing one can do to be able to make the move from being blissfully ignorant to being proactively involved in the process for preparing for a significant SHIFT in the environment and rules of social order we are about to encounter.

We are NOT conspiracy theorists – but we do know of conspiracies which are being conducted by the Governments of (in particular) the largest and most powerful influential countries globally, and their political moves which make no sense, but which nevertheless will cause a collapse of the financial systems as we know them.

In preparation for that eventual day when we are all swept up in a PANIC that everything we know as normal will be turned on its head, what can we do to prepare for it??


All of our designs are customised to suit your specific needs – but here are some aspects and features you could include…

  • a single access entry zone
    • with a separate / secure entry cell
    • changing room
  • optional sealed isolation shower room for cleaning / decontamination with plumber to sealed filtered
    • drainage slush pit
  • a concealed evacuation
    • tunnel (optional second and separate) with concealed underground
    • collapsible reverse hatch / and sand pit containment locker
  • The evacuation tunnel with
    • reverse hatch will guarantee a way out should the shelter access hatch be
    • blocked or damaged from debris carried from high winds / falling trees / flood etc.
  • All doors and hatches are
    • internally lockable / laser cut and sealed / blast-proof / gas and water
    • tight / matched and mounted to secure heavy-duty hinges / and sealed /
    • fitted to pressure vessel rated bulk-heads
  • Optional separate services rooms…
  • Heat pump / climate controls
    • Air Filtration and water
    • treatment systems to any level of requirement…
    • Filtration / purification decontamination treatment / de-humidifier with electrostatic evaporation condenser water making plant.
  • Electric switch gear / transformer / generation
  • Gas storage tanks


Most important requirements…

  1. Having the ability to access, store and / or accumulate and filtrate water is probably the most important thing anyone will have to do in order to survive.  In New Zealand thankfully, we have access to many sources of water, but remember that drinking water from rivers and lakes can be harmful IF NOT filtered to remove contaminants.Even basic gravity filters are far better than nothing at all, but the best filtration units use several filtration mediums, and ideally these will need replacement cartridges etc on hand and or / generate ion, a range of useful medicines and first aid kits etc …By far the safest and most efficient way to obtaining clean safe drinking water is to use evaporation – by boiling, then re-condensing the steam into vessels for storage. This not only separates and also kills any water born bugs and most contaminants, excepting that some fossil fuel and pesticides / herbicides may also be vaporised and re-condensed into the distilled water.
    Combining static separation (where fuel contaminants may separate and float) with filtration before evaporation, and also treating other methods of cleaning distilled water using Ozone injection, and / or radiating water with intense ultra-violate light should purify any water to a standard suitable for drinking.Note that technologies such as solar-powered evaporation units are ideal as these do NOT rely power sources other than the sun.
    Also note however that we may NOT be able to rely on the sun however – it may NOT be clearly visible (obscured by say in an ash cloud) which would render the solar evaporator virtually useless at least until the sky clears and the sunlight is unobscured again.
  2. Naturally, also vital to maintaining any quality of life, food is also required.  Reserves of long-life stored food stuffs as well as canned goods, dehydrated goods and raw staples (pasta, rice, oats, flour, etc) to support you / family for a period of at least 6 months is considered a minimum requirement.The ability to cook and hunt / fish or collect other food sources, tending to animals etc is all necessary for survival even without the ability to safely conceal yourselves / food reserves in an underground shelter.  More on cooking later…
  3. Obviously to be able to be situated underground is a far better option than in your home IF this is able to be achieved.
    Having a SAFETY shelter underground offers many advantages.
    Living safely out of harm’s way (or the potential for it) and remaining conceal especially in the first 30-60 days of any major social collapse is considered wise for maintaining a survivalist capacity. Food storage and having access to the other necessities of preserving life / and protecting yourself / loved ones from conditions above ground can only serve to provide you the best possible chances of surviving almost every possible situation.  We suggest that your Shelter should be concealed and situated about 20 – 30 feet below the ground…
  4. Having the ability to plant and manage the production of food is a requirement for extended periods of time beyond reliance upon food reserves which will NOT last forever.
  5. Having stored a large quantity and variety of heirloom seeds (dehydrated – but not radiated) and stored in cold storage – a deep freezer is best…
    These should cover a range of vegetables and different varieties as well to ensure that you have varieties which are best suited to the environment – given that what we experience now may change IF the climate is seriously affected in any way.Note that vegetables for every season should be selected too, and a means to cultivate and tend to their care.
  6. This will require a range of even basic gardening tools (e.g. spades, hoes, rakes, pitch forks, barrows etc.) are mandatory requirements to be properly prepared and capable of successful food production.
  7. Fishing equipment, rods, reals, traces, line, hooks etc are all useful if situated near water – whether the coast, or lakes and rivers.
    these should be selected from the many variables available which will best suit the conditions of the environment you live or choose to evacuate to should circumstances require it.
  8. Fire arms and a lot of ammunition will become critically important.
    Note that you may be competent in being able to hunt – but hunting will require specialist skills and return perhaps limited results where you are situated?  It may also be a great idea to have all necessary tools and stores of reloading equipment on hand in order to be able to reload shells for creating more ammunition – particularly for shot-gun cartridges and rifle shells.This is a specialised field of capability, the tools are expensive and the stocks are many and varied, but this option serves as a long-term strategy and most important in terms of providing a sustained ability to hunt and protect.Naturally during any significant social collapse we can expect a collapse also of social order.It is said that after just 15 days of not eating, that most people can resort to cannibalism in order to survive – a terrifying thought but one which history suggests is not only factual and accurate, but one which represents a real threat.We may therefore be facing the consequence that we (and our loved ones) could face a real threat from other people less prepared than ourselves – motivated by starvation.  It may therefore be necessary to be capable of protecting ourselves even IF that means being able to successfully repel any acts of aggression against us.Never a nice topic to state, but nevertheless necessary to recognise and be prepared to use force IF that force means the difference between life and death at the hands of others wanting what we have.  We do NOT condone using lethal force in order to protect oneself – however one can never know what may be a requirement in order to protect ones family.
  9. Cooking utensils, pots, pans, billy, gas bar-b-ques, LPG bottles, plus wood cutting equipment, storage of fire wood and a place to store and dry more, waterproof matches, fire starters etc are all necessary to be able to cook and / or provide heat if times and utilities be rendered useless.
  10. What would you do without electricity?  Diesel generators and fuel for approximately 1 year of continuous running could be a really handy thing to have in order to provide the ability for light / heating and cooking also.Alternative sources of power generation can also be useful – remembering that diesel can be made from plant materials to extract bio-fuels which can work adequately in diesel engines – petrol engines of any kind may well become useless as petrol not only has a limited shelf life of around 2 years, but is dangerous to store and difficult to locate well after any major collapse of society.
  11. For this reason also, any vehicles you want to use should also be diesel-powered – including an SUV, small tractor etc.


This list in not exhaustive and we will add many other items to it as we expand on preparation.

As we have time we will add much more information…

The point here is, that one needs to recognise that to be properly prepared, is NOT a hobby – but rather a dedicated effort to be sufficiently prepared and able to be able to respond to any situation…

If you at least agree in principle – and want to prepare by taking affirmative action

…Then NOW is the time to ACT… 



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Preparation in times of uncertainty