Where to begin?



New Zealand – perhaps the best place to be…

We are blessed to live in the one of the most isolated country’s on the face of the planet here in New Zealand.

It is probably the best place in the world to live at any time, but most especially IF the threats eventuate and the world suffers a catastrophic economic melt-down.  Say nothing of the renewed threats of a possible new World War with the USA / Israel wanting to nuke Iran – and the Soviet Union / China refusing to bend to the whims of a corrupt UN and aggressive US foreign policy.  What ever may eventuate there, we will all be plunged into events which we will need to adjust to since the elected Politicians and un-elected UN who seek to wield their will upon a sovereign states just because it seeks to be a nuclear capable country.

What ever the rights and wrongs of international politics, we will see a huge upheaval globally, and one (which we predict) will eventuate in the very near future – resulting in the northern hemisphere being rendered inhabitable – yet another entirely different topic.

Taking into account that our natural resources, the temperate sub-tropical climate with reliable rains to compliment the arable fertile soils we enjoy in the majority of the land mass of the country, provides us with many opportunities to be self-sufficient. On a personal perspective, I lived and worked in the USA about 10 years ago now (how time flies), and more recently also in Australia.

In both situations, and knowing what I know now I can tell you that there is no way I would want to be in either place now.

And with what is actually happening globally right now, should any of the life changing events (to which we refer here) were to happen in the near future, then I can say that I would NOT want to be anywhere else (outside of New Zealand).  It is for this fact alone that I returned here, giving up a great career and income with a very comfortable lifestyle in order to be better able to survive what is coming.

I am feeling very fortunate, and very relieved NOT to be in the USA now, and having the privilege to live right here – in our land.





Want to wake up?

There is much to learn IF you DO NOT already know what is happening all around us globally – and being able to correctly read between the lines.  I have become so sceptical about what we hear or read about from all of the mass media, that I choose to largely ignore it as they profess all manner of spin, mis-information, distortions of the facts, and yes, even deliberate lies.

So you want to wake up??  I believe there is still time to take it all in, although I have been informing myself for 5 years now, I am still just beginning to grasp it all and to put the reality into perspective.

Let me just say that the truth is far scarier far more dangerous than the myths and the lies we are supposed to believe.

We can cover more info in ‘Economic Collapse’ if you choose to read more?

Let us at the very least be able to provide for ourselves and our loved ones.



We Design and Build a range of shelters.

These are built using commodity insulated flat packs container units which function as a quality second home, cabin or batch.

And because these are buried 20 to 30 feet below ground level, to provide strategic but important advantages.

These state-of-the-art premanufactured units are ideal for survival in an underground situation, being hidden and undetectable from unwelcome visitors.

These can be supplied as standardised design / room configurations or custom-built to the client specifications.

Build standards include quality and luxurious interior options for comfort as well as safety being the objective – completed shipped and installed underground and off the grid.
What price do you put on the assurances of family surviving the worst of potential events, whether natural or man-caused events?

Designs vary in terms of fixtures and fittings, size, purpose for use and extent of time to sustain safe isolation and survival


What will force us to need to change the way we live NOW?

We begin with making the decision to do something constructive in an effort to better be prepared in the off-chance that something beyond our own control MAY, COULD or WILL eventually happen – within our own life times which will affect ourselves and the lives of all of us, of our nearest loved ones, extended families and friends.

That decision to do something constructive may NOT be popular with many…that is too bad.
If YOU are awake, then YOU have an opportunity to take action and begin to prepare now.

Remember that any preparation done now is better than having NO preparations planned or achieved IF you ever find yourself needing to ‘bug out’ at short notice.

So don;t be too heavily influenced in a negative way from those who do NOT know or much less CARE about what the warning signs are and what they mean, and what we should DO about them?


Any decision to ACT is something only YOU can make

We will NOT be able to convince you either way, except that we may be able to encourage you to research to gather more information should that be something YOU are prepared to do??




What we can do for you…

We offer you support you, advise you and equip you with the capability to step forward and take ACTION…

We deliver a very affordable range of personnel and storage Shelter solutions.  Our shelter designs are built to be situated at least 20-30 feet under ground, and can also be RATED to comply to NBC (Nuclear, Biological & Chemical) class survival standards.

We make our Shelters roomy and comfortable for an extended stay, fitted with modern interiors fixtures and fittings which also permits you to use our shelters as a second home, a holiday or weekend get-away or as a secluded hunting cabin.
But its main purpose is to function as a family ‘bug out’ safety enclosure to preserve and protect life.

Delivery and Installation is of course available as a service to complete our part of the supply contract, but each case will be assessed on a case-by-case basis depending on access and location, ground preparation and supply installation of supporting services and connections – all which are variable costs.




Consider the risks…

Our shelters are designed to protect you and your family in case of any situation, and custom-built to suit your location, your situation requirements, and adjusted to your resources – whether physical, practice. materials or financial.



You do NOT have to be a millionaire to take action!

Many situations are unforeseen, and unpredictable disasters of any kind – even on the other side of the planet which could affect us all

  • Extreme weather conditions such
    • tornadoes
    • weather bombs with torrential rains and dangerously high winds
    • typhoons (or hurricane – we call it a typhoon in the southern hemisphere)
  • Earthquakes – yes we know about these
  • Wild fires,  etc.
  • Financial collapse, and the resulting civil unrest and a loss of social order – resulting in violence and sudden shortages of all basic food staples – and eventual starvation will follow
  • Nuclear accident – another and more dangerous accident internationally will affect us, but worse…
  • A Nuclear Holocaust – any Nuclear war will cause a sudden and very dangerous spike in radiation fallout globally
  • Also IF this occurs, there will also be an immediate knocking out of the power grid – its failure is caused by an Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) which will affect the entire planet.
  • Asteroid strikes
  • Volcanic activity which fills the atmosphere with ash, and obscures the sun for perhaps many years?

More on these topics available on specific pages following…

But the good news is…  we have shelter designs both for your backyard

Or be more isolated in a ‘bug out’ location outside of the city – on land you can access.


We are without excuse should we ever experience a calamity of any kind, and NOT be equipped to preserve the safety of our loved ones.

Living in New Zealand, we have a far better than average chance of surviving almost every situation, or at the very least being able to protect ourselves – and being underground significantly improves those chances of survival.

Being able to emerge and to begin to make some form of life out of what remains, to have shelter and to protect ourselves, and to cultivate food will be critical to longer term survival.

We may even be able to actually thrive should we be properly prepared and ready?

We should also be able to support other survivors who may be prepared to contribute in labour and other possessions to the cause of preserving / protecting and re-establishing life in what remains…

Let us prepare for the worst – and HOPE for the BEST…

What to do IF YOU do NOT have the resources to be prepared?…

If you do NOT own land, have no job and have no cash reserves or saleable assets, then you probably are not able to begin taking practical steps to getting yourself prepared – until your situation improves anyway?

That being said, you may still have some spare time available to do research.
Access to the Internet can be most helpful, and doing so can consolidate your own thought processes about the topic – and perhaps a little later when you are able, then you are informed and better equipped than many at getting your preparation under way.

What ever you can do NOW to become better prepared is of VALUE…



We can be contacted by email : info@podshelter.com


Preparation in times of uncertainty