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McDonald’s Franchisees are Terrified for the Future

Six-month outlook for McDonald’s business is the worst in the 12-year history of new survey


by Hayley Peterson | Business Insider | July 16, 2015

McDonald’s franchisees are terrified for the future of the company, according to a new survey.

The operators’ six-month outlook for McDonald’s business is the worst in the 12-year history of the survey, which was conducted by former Janney Capital Markets analyst Mark Kalinowski.

“At least half of the operators in my region are on the verge of collapse,” one franchisee wrote in response to the survey. “With minimum wage for fast-food workers potentially increasing to incredibly high levels, we are facing a crisis situation. ”

Another said: “The operators sit on a cliff right now. With sales going in the wrong direction, all must be conservative in our decisions. It will take only one bad decision to put any operator down and out.”


McDonald’s same-store sales have declined for the past six straight quarters in the US. The company is battling falling traffic, increasing competition from fast-casual chains like Chipotle and Panera, and an eroded brand perception among American consumers.

For the survey, Kalinowski interviewed 29 franchisees who own and operate 208 restaurants in the US. McDonald’s said that represents only a fraction of their franchisees.

“Approximately 3,100 franchisees own and operate McDonald’s restaurants across the US,” McDonald’s spokeswoman Lisa McComb told us. “Less than 1% of them were surveyed for this report. We value the feedback from our franchisees and have a solid working relationship with them.”

Operators said in the survey that they are squeezed for cash due to high rent, remodeling costs, and new equipment.

One franchisee wrote, “We are tapped out,” and another wrote: “We may be doomed.” A third said, “Everyone is paralysed with fear for their jobs.”

Several complained that the company’s new CEO, Steve Easterbrook, hasn’t made any meaningful improvements to the business since he took over the position in March.

“Mike Andres and Steve Easterbrook promised a rapid turnaround, improved taste and quality, significant SIMPLIFICATION,” a franchisee wrote. “None of that has happened. They added four sandwiches and breakfast all day! … It may be too late for any meaningful recovery.”

Easterbrook unveiled his turnaround plan in May. He said he planned to turn McDonald’s into a “modern, progressive burger company” by restructuring management, refranchising restaurants, and listening more to customers.

“Our recent performance has been poor; the numbers don’t lie,” Easterbrook said at the time. “I will not shy away from the urgent need to reset this business.”

The chain has cut several sandwiches from the menu since Easterbrook took over, but it has also added a new Sirloin burger and new mid-priced sandwiches, including a McChicken sandwich with leaf lettuce and tomato and a double burger with leaf lettuce and tomato.

Some operators said top management is out of touch with what it’s like to run a restaurant and the types of issues that employees face in the restaurants every day.

“For example, labour needed to run stores during lunch hour,” one franchisee wrote. “Our competitors have 6-8 people to run close to the same volume that we need 20-25 people.”

Several franchisees also said the food quality needs to be fixed before the restaurants get upgrades, and many are just hoping for flat sales going forward.

“Brand loyalty is history for us,” one franchisee wrote.

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Disneyland Measles Outbreak Caused By Vaccine?


People receiving CDC recommended doses of vaccine are still catching and passing on measles

Infowars.com  January 24, 2015

The recent measles outbreak in Disneyland has caused quite a stir, as the disease was thought to be nearly eradicated in the US.

MSM outlets are fear mongering the public into getting the MMR shot which they claim will protect you from the disease.

What they are not telling is that people who have received the CDC recommended doses of vaccine are still catching and passing on measles to others.

And the cat calls of “safe and effective” spewed out by the minions of big pharma are also a farce.

Infowars.com reporter Rob Dew reads straight off the MMR vaccine insert which lists the following side effects: measles, measles like rash, diabetes, encephalitis, Guillain–Barré syndrome, pneumonia and even death.

On top of that, a whistleblower lawsuit came to light late last year that proves MERK executives where hiding the fact that the vaccine was not 95% effective as they claim.

Please do your own research and work your natural immune system which in the end is the only thing that will protect you.

Watch the Report Filed on YouTube here…


CDC Admits New Flu Shot Protects Less Than 1 in 4 – and is killing many who receive it…


Despite ineffectiveness, media still urges public to take vaccine

Adan Salazar | Infowars.com | January 15, 2015

As flu season kicks into high gear, the US’ foremost health authority, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is coming clean about the current flu vaccine’s lack of efficacy.

A recent study released by the CDC regarding seasonal influenza vaccine effectiveness found the chemical cocktail concocted to battle this year’s strain to be only 23 percent effective; in other words it will protect less than 1 in 4 people.

“Its lack of punch is being blamed on multiple strains of the H3N2 virus that are circulating and making people sick, but that were not included in this season’s vaccine,” reports Agence France-Press.

“That’s one of the worst performances in the last decade…” according to the Associated Press. “In the best flu seasons, the vaccines were 50 to 60 percent effective.”

AFP has a breakdown of how the vaccine performed in different age groups, noting that it mostly “helped” younger, healthier people:

This season, vaccine effectiveness has been highest — 26 percent — in those aged six months through 17 years.

Vaccine effectiveness was just 12 percent for ages 18 to 49 years and 14 percent for people age 50 years and older, the CDC said.

Last month, the CDC also issued an advisory to physicians warning that this season’s flu vaccine was an incompatible match for the circulating Influenza A (H3N2) strain, meaning the agency knew shots which 145.4 million people received were doing little to nothing in the way of fighting the flu.


However, despite the lousy odds of it actually doing anything to combat the flu, the CDC and its mainstream media propaganda parrots have still gone on to promote vaccination, ludicrously blaming flu outbreaks on people who refuse to inject themselves with vaccines known to contain toxic adjuvants such as thimerosal, a mercury-containing compound.

RELATED: CDC Sends Fact Sheet Linking Polio Vaccine to Cancer Down the Memory Hole

Instead, the public gets watered down headlines that try to put a positive spin on the 23 percent figure, like this one from NPR: “This Year’s Flu Vaccine Is Pretty Wimpy, But Can Still Help,” and this one from the Washington Post: “CDC: Flu Vaccine Only 23 Percent Effective This Season, But Still Better Than Nothing.”

Notice the articles contain no mention of the scores of victims that incur life-altering, and sometimes lethal, adverse reactions as a result of taking the shot, such as three-year-old Ayzlee McCarthy, an Iowa tot that died soon after receiving an injection.


Watch the Filed Report on YouTube here



Or the numerous lives lost during the clinical trial phases of vaccine development, like the 23 who died after receiving high doses of the Fluzone vaccine, up from only 7 deaths earlier this year.

“No matter what vaccination choices you make for yourself or your family, there is a basic human right to be fully informed about all risks and have the ability to refuse to allow substances you consider to be harmful, toxic or poisonous to be forced upon you,” writes Dr. Joseph Mercola. “Unfortunately, the partnership between government health agencies and vaccine manufacturers is getting closer and closer. There is a lot of discrimination against Americans, who want to be free to exercise their human right to informed consent when it comes to making voluntary decisions about which vaccines they and their children use.”

For a list of vaccine inserts and information click here.




Sprayed on our Food, Round Up Deemed ‘Toxic Household Waste’ by Trash Collectors


Chemical labeled the same as paint thinner, mercury, CFL light bulbs and antifreeze

Christina Sarich | Natural Society | January 14, 2015

Did you know that you should not put a bottle of Round Up in your municipal trashcan for pick up? If that is the case, then why on Earth would we put that same chemical trash into our bodies?

Yep – Round Up, Monsanto’s favorite herbicide and one of their best-selling products, is considered a Hazmat issue for local cities and towns. It isn’t supposed to be disposed of in your regular trash pick-up. According to the Department of Public Works, “Employees can be harmed by their toxic fumes.”

Monsanto’s Round Up is in the same category for trash removal as paint, paint thinner, furniture polish, mercury, swimming pool chemicals, CFL and fluorescent light bulbs, and antifreeze.

I certainly wouldn’t eat antifreeze, would you? I know that question may sound a bit insulting, but how is it then that we allow (through the voting process and complicit agreement) the EPA to hike up allowable glyphosate (the main ingredient in Round Up) levels? They’ve done it not once, but multiple times.

Now – the allowed level in teff animal feed is 100 parts per million (ppm); and in [GM] oilseed crops, 40 ppm. Allowed levels in some fruits and vegetables eaten by humans have also risen.

As a comparison, malformations in frog and chicken embryos were documented by Prof Andres Carrasco’s team at 2.03 ppm glyphosate (when injected into the embryos).

We also know that glyphosate exposure boosts harmful bacterial growth in the gut and eliminates healthful bacteria – making our body’s own trash eliminator – the GI tract – highly compromised.

Dr. Krüger explains in the study’s abstract:

“During the last 10-15 years, an increase of Clostridium botulinum associated diseases in cattle has been observed in Germany. . . The normal intestinal microflora is a critical factor in preventing intestinal colonisation by C. botulinum as shown in the mouse model of infant botulism. . . .

A reduction of LAB in the GIT microbiota by ingestion of strong biocides like glyphosate could be an explanation for the observed increase in levels of C. botulinum associated diseases.

In the present paper, we report on the toxicity of glyphosate to the most prevalent Enterococcus spp. in the GIT. Ingestion of this herbicide could be a significant predisposing factor that is associated with the increase in C. botulinum mediated diseases in cattle.”

Remember – you should contact your local authorities when you are going to dispose of Round Up, even an empty bottle. But we keep spraying it on our food – no worries there.



What They’re Not Telling You About Monsanto’s Role in Ukraine


Biotech takeover spreads to war-torn country

Christina Sarich | NaturalSociety  | January 12, 2015

The World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) is helping biotech run the latest war in Ukraine. Make no mistake that what is happening in the Ukraine now is deeply tied to the interests of Monsanto, Dow, Bayer, and other big players in the poison food game.

Monsanto has an office in Ukraine. While this does not shout ‘culpability’ from every corner, it is no different than the US military’s habit to place bases in places that they want to gain political control. The opening of this office coincided with land grabs with loans from the IMF and World Bank to one of the world’s most hated corporations – all in support of their biotech takeover.

Previously, there was a ban on private sector land ownership in the country – but it was lifted ‘just in time’ for Monsanto to have its way with the Ukraine.

In fact, a bit of political maneuvering by the IMF gave the Ukraine a $17 billion loan – but only if they would open up to biotech farming and the selling of Monsanto’s poison crops and chemicals – destroying a farmland that is one of the most pristine in all of Europe. Farm equipment dealer, Deere, along with seed producers Dupont and Monsanto, will have a heyday.

In the guise of ‘aid,’ a claim has been made on Ukraine’s vast agricultural riches. It is the world’s third largest exporter of corn and fifth largest exporter of wheat. Ukraine has deep, rich, black soil that can grow almost anything, and its ability to produce high volumes of GM grain is what made biotech come rushing to take it over.

As reported by The Ecologist, according to the Oakland Institute:

“Whereas Ukraine does not allow the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in agriculture, Article 404 of the EU agreement, which relates to agriculture, includes a clause that has generally gone unnoticed: it indicates, among other things, that both parties will cooperate to extend the use of biotechnologies.

There is no doubt that this provision meets the expectations of the agribusiness industry. As observed by Michael Cox, research director at the investment bank Piper Jaffray, ‘Ukraine and, to a wider extent, Eastern Europe, are among the most promising growth markets for farm-equipment giant Deere, as well as seed producers Monsanto and DuPont’.”

The nation WAS Europe’s breadbasket – and now in an act of bio-warfare, it will become the wasteland that many US farmlands have become due to copious amounts of herbicide spraying, the depletion of soil, and the overall disruption of a perfect ecosystem.

The aim of US government entities is to support the takeover of Ukraine for biotech interests (among other strategies involving the prop-up of a failing cabalistic banking system that Russia has also refused with its new alignment with BRICS and its own payment system called SWIFT). This is similar to biotech’s desired takeover of Hawaiian islands and land in Africa.

The Ukraine war has many angles that haven’t been exposed to the general public – and you can bet that biotech has their hands in the proverbial corn pie.


HPV vaccine controversy in Colombia continues


Symptoms experienced by the girls are related to the
administration of Gardasil

Norma Erickson | Natural Blaze | January 12, 2015

Carmen de Bolivar, Colombia has become ground zero in the international debate over HPV vaccine safety, efficacy, and need. After the administration of the 2nd dose of Gardasil in local schools, beginning in March 2014, hundreds of young girls were admitted to the hospital with mysterious new medical conditions.

According to local sources, doctors who examined the girls and reported symptoms as possible adverse reactions to the HPV vaccine would often find manufacturer’s representatives in their office the next day trying to convince them otherwise.

The National Ministry of Health (Minsalud) initially put forth several theories to explain the symptoms of over 700 girls including mass hysteria, illicit drug use, and even the excessive use of Ouija boards. They even went so far as to enlist the services of Nobel Prize nominee, Dr. Nubia Muñoz Calero, to help ease the tension. (read more here.) Her message was basically that it would be a mistake to halt the current school-based HPV vaccination programs in Colombia.

Apparently parents of those affected, many doctors who personally examined the girls, at least one judge, and Inspector General Alejandro Ordoñez do not necessarily agree.

Inspector General responds to Gardasil injury controversy 

According to a December 5, 2014 report on Caracol Radio, Inspector General Alejandro Ordoñez issued a circular addressed to the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, the National Institute of Health, and several other organizations asking that priority be given to ensuring the right to health of those with new medical conditions after Gardasil. He also requested further monitoring and timely comprehensive treatment to girls who were apparently affected by the HPV vaccine.

In addition, he asked the National Institutes of Health and other responsible parties to disclose the technical and scientific studies relating to HPV vaccine safety and approval for use in Colombia along with all details regarding the guidelines for the management of Gardasil doses from manufacture through administration.

He also asked for plans to develop plans to implement and strengthen the epidemiological reporting of cases of suspected adverse reactions as well as plans to review and upgrade the rules ensuring rigor in the process of vaccine approvals and to establish communication strategies to make certain health policies in Colombia are developed and implemented in a manner guaranteed to ensure the public’s right to health, control of preventable diseases, and welfare of the entire population.

Judicial system protects those with new medical conditions after Gardasil

15 December 2014: Attorney Monica Leon Del Rio, representing several Colombian girls experiencing new medical conditions after the administration of Gardasil, reported that Honorable Magistrate Dr. Hirina Meza issued a provisional decree in favor of ten girls from Carmen de Bolivar.

This decree orders EPPS-S Mutual, the Secretary of Health in the municipality of Carmen de Bolivar, the Secretary of Health Bolivar Department, and the Ministry of Health to imediately organize complementary and coordinated actions necessary to effectively dispense to the child plaintiffs treatments integral to those who are disabled guaranteeing the supply of medicines, procedures and services, including any and all required treatments regardless of whether or not the costs incurred are covered in the patient’s current health insurance program or the Public Health Plan (POS).

The Honorable Magistrate also ordered Dr. Juan Manuel Anaya, immunologist and Director of the Center for the Study of Autoimmune Diseases, to examine the plaintiffs and report on the following aspects of their cases:

  • Any relationship between the plaintiffs’ current disability and the administration of Human Papillomavirus vaccine, pointing out whether or not evidence of a causal relationship exists;
  • Any medications that exhibit similar consequences which may have been administered to the plaintiffs;
  • Any other potential causes of the disabilities currently exhibited by the plaintiffs;
  • And to inform the Court of everything in relation to the issues above and/or pertinent to the order of protection being issued by the Court.

This decision in favor of 10 young Colombian girls suffering mysterious new medical conditions after the administration of Gardasil comes a few short weeks after a similar landmark decision issued in favor of a survivor of Gardasil and her newborn daughter, also represented by Attorney Monica Leon Del Rio. on 14 November 2014. (Read more here.)

National Institutes of Health adds insult to injuries

According to a January 6, 2015 report on Elheraldo.co, parents of injured girls in Carmen de Bolivar were outraged when the Colombian National Institute of Health (INS) ’leaked’ the final report on their ’scientific investigation’ into the epidemic of new medical conditions occurring after the administration of the second dose of Gardasil.

According to this ’leaked’ report none of the symptoms experienced by the girls are related to the administration of Gardasil. This report specifically stated the children did not have ’organic disorders’ or neurological diagnosis, or other diagnosed conditions so obviously they do not suffer from any physical illness.

The institute stated all doses applied in Carmen de Bolivar were from the same manufacturer, the same batch and that all cold chain transportation requirements were followed, so nothing could have affected the vaccine composition.

After many lengthy explanations, the report came to the conclusion the cases are due to ’episodes of psychogenic cause,’ due to the minor’s fear of being sick, augmented by the media attention on the events and lack of an identified cause.

According to Attorney Monica Leon Del Rio, this ’conclusion’ ignores evidence presented at a December 11 meeting presided over by Health Minister Alejandro Gaviria where Immunologist, Dr. Anaya, presented evidence of a causal relationship between the symptoms of 3 girls and the administration of Gardasil. She questions why Health Minister Gaviria did not order the National Institutes of Health to perform tests similar to those done by Dr. Anaya when establishing the possibility of demyelinating disorders being linked to Gardasil administration.

Why did Minister Gaviria allow the INS to simply examine paperwork, look for other causes, ignore Gardasil as a possible link and issue the conclusion of ’mass hysteria/psychogenic illness’?

Parents of HPV vaccine survivors outraged

More than 700 young girls suffered new medical conditions in Carmen de Bolivar after the administration of Gardasil. Their parents are outraged by the report issued by NIH.

Professor Hector Miranda, leader of one of the two parent’s associations created to defend their children’s fundamental right to life and health, stated,

This was not the Ouija board, nor witchcraft, or pudding pot, or polluted water, everything is for the vaccine, that is proven with other girls from other parts of the world who suffered the same symptomatology.

Monica Leon Del Rio is no stranger to the HPV vaccine controversy. She is the mother of a young woman who experienced paralysis and various medical dysfunctions after the administration of HPV vaccine in January 2013. She is currently representing at least 50 other girls from El Carmen de Bolivar who are exhibiting new medical conditions after using HPV vaccines. Her mission is to ensure survivors of HPV vaccinations receive proper medical diagnosis and treatment.

According to a report in Colombia Reports, Inspector General Alejandro Ordoñez is a polarizing figure in Colombia. He has risen through the ranks of Colombian politics to a position of great power, all the while guided by an unyielding moral vision that has made him a righteous crusader to some; a dangerous zealot to many others.

Perhaps Inspector General Alejandro Ordoñez and Attorney Monica Leon Del Rio are just what the parents of Carmen de Bolivar need to obtain justice for their children.


‘Smart’ Pacifier Tracks Tots and Takes Temperature, While Bathing them in Radiation


Is it a good idea to shove radiation-emitting devices in our children’s mouths?

Like babies, but hate the hassle of having to track their every move? Even worse is misplacing that pesky pacifier. And why’s it always like pulling teeth taking your kid’s temperature?

For years, parents have frustratingly searched for answers to these questions. Luckily, the wait is over.

Blue Maestro, a British health technology company, has dumbed-down parents covered.

Introducing the Pacif-i, a high-tech pacifier that syncs with your smart phone to make caring where your baby is a thing of the past.

“[S]ay your kid is the type to make a break for it,” poses Yahoo! Tech as an example. “Anytime the Pacif-i moves more than 20 feet from your connected device, an alarm will go off.”

The Pacif-i comes fully loaded with technology that sends your phone updates on your baby’s temperature, along with a built-in GPS locater to ensure satellites orbiting the Earth know exactly where your kid is at all times.


The portable sucking device also “emits a low-energy Bluetooth signal to your phone every two minutes,” reports Yahoo, meaning it’ll automatically douse your baby in microwave radiation every few seconds.

“Officially,” radiation emitted from wireless technologies, such as Bluetooth devices and cell phones, have been dismissed as having little to no adverse effects on human physiology.

However, a whole slew of studies also conversely show radio wave frequencies, the same ones put out by Bluetooth devices, to have a detrimental effect on humans down to the cellular level, even at low doses.

A 2014 study looking at the effects of radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation on sperm quality found that, even in low amounts, “mobile phone exposure was associated with reduced sperm motility and viability.”

Indeed, the health effects of wireless radiation have been known since cell phones began coming into fashion.

The Sunday Mirror in 2001 published an article entitled “The Child Scrambler: What a Mobile Can Do To a Youngster’s Brain in 2 Min,” which detailed the results of a Spanish study researching mobile phone effects on the minds of children.

“Scientists have discovered that a call lasting just two minutes can alter the natural electrical activity of a child’s brain for up to an hour afterwards,” reported the Mirror.

One government doctor called the study’s results “extremely disturbing.”

“It makes one wonder whether children, whose brains are still developing, should be using mobile phones,” British physicist Dr. Gerald Hyland told The Mirror.

“The results show that children’s brains are affected for long periods even after very short-term use.”

“Their brain wave patterns are abnormal and stay like that for a long period.”

“This could affect their mood and ability to learn in the classroom if they have been using a phone during break time, for instance.”

“We don’t know all the answers yet, but the alteration in brain waves could lead to things like a lack of concentration, memory loss, inability to learn and aggressive behaviour.”

In 2013, researchers with BioInitiative 2012 brought the issue before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), along with a preponderance of evidence, proposing “Changes to the Commission’s Rules Regarding Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields.”

Their petition was accompanied by a detailed chart showing a long list of studies demonstrating the “Reported Biological Effects from Radiofrequency Radiation at Low-Intensity Exposure.”

The following video also illustrates how Bluetooth wi-fi headsets emit dangerous radio frequency levels even when they’re not in use.


Watch the YouTube Report filed here…


While the new temperature monitoring device is being hailed as a technological milestone, it’s likely a good idea to do some homework on the adverse effects associated with wireless radiation before you put that “smart” pacifier in your kid’s mouth.


Opium Cultivation Hits New Record High in Afghanistan


Media ignores CIA’s role as heroin floods US streets

Mikael Thalen | Infowars.com | January 6, 2015

Afghanistan has once again set a new record for opium cultivation despite a constant U.S. military presence for the last thirteen years.

According to a report from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), opium production rose for the fourth consecutive year in 2014.



“The total area under opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan was estimated to be 224,000 hectares (200,00-250,000) in 2014, which represents a 7% increase from 2013,” the report states.

As cultivation and production continued its upward trend, eradication by government forces plunged across the region.

“A total of 2,692 hectares of verified poppy eradication was carried out by the provincial Governors in 2014, representing a decrease of 63% from 2013 when 7,348 hectares of Governor-led eradication (GLE) was verified by MCN/UNODC,” the report says.

Since the arrival of U.S. forces in 2001, Afghanistan’s prominence in the global drug market has skyrocketed. Statistics from the 2014 World Drug Report state that Afghanistan is now responsible for more than 80 percent of the world’s opium, although many believe the number to be much higher.


Despite claims regarding the fight against Afghanistan’s opium scourge, which is directly linked to America’s “nationwide heroin crisis,” multiple U.S. agencies have been found to be directly linked to its skyrocketing availability.

American officials speaking with the New York Times in 2009 revealed that one of the country’s largest heroin dealers, coincidentally the brother of former Afghan president Hamid Karzai, had received regular payments from the Central Intelligence Agency since the beginning of the war.


American officials speaking with the New York Times in 2009 revealed that one of the country’s largest heroin dealers, coincidentally the brother of former Afghan president Hamid Karzai, had received regular payments from the Central Intelligence Agency since the beginning of the war.

“The financial ties and close working relationship between the intelligence agency and Mr. Karzai raise significant questions about America’s war strategy…” the article states. “The C.I.A.’s practices also suggest that the United States is not doing everything in its power to stamp out the lucrative Afghan drug trade, a major source of revenue for the Taliban.”

A seperate New York Times report from 2008 also detailed multiple instances in which Afghan troops were ordered to release large amounts of confiscated heroin to Karzai.

“Before long, the commander, Habibullah Jan, received a telephone call from Ahmed Wali Karzai, the brother of President Hamid Karzai, asking him to release the vehicle and the drugs,” the article says.

As the United States’ involvement in promoting Afghanistan’s role as global opium kingpin became evident, multiple news outlets, including Fox and ABC, began running white-washed reports arguing that U.S. troops needed to protect opium fields in order to fight the Taliban.


Watch the YouTube doco here.

Although the Obama Administration recently announced the end of the war in Afghanistan, more than 10,000 troops will remain for the foreseeable future as part of a secret extension personally enacted by the President. Continued US control will undoubtedly produce the same results, an explosion of heroin worldwide.


Monsanto Tries Patenting Natural Tomatoes




by Christina Sarich – December 29, 2014

Many individuals are aware that biotech has developed a seed monopoly largely by patenting genetically modified organisms, but not everyone realizes that Monsanto tried to patent a tomato that had no biotech traits. Now, the European Patent Office (EPO), with help from an international coalition, No Patents on Seeds!, has revoked Monsanto’s fraudulent patent and claim to tomatoes that are naturally resistant to a fungal disease called botrytis.

These natural, non-GMO tomatoes, like many healthy plants, have a natural resistance to certain pests. In this case, a fungal disease, but this is not a novel phenomenon. Why Monsanto would try to claim they created it is about as believable as Syngenta or Dow saying they invented the sun.

Though plant breeders can help plants develop this natural pest resistance, much of it is innate – the same as our own immune systems. When individual plants reproduce, they pass along exceptional combinations of genes to their offspring. Varying environments (such as cold, or dry, moist or breezy) favor individuals with different physical and behavioral traits. Individual plants with genes that improve their survival will be more likely to pass along these genes compared to the rest of the population.


There is no genetic manipulation via biotech technologies. None is needed. Mother Nature is pretty smart like that.



Soylent Green Is Made Out Of People




Warning – THIS will likely shock you to the core, but it is nevertheless truth – and we all need to be aware of what is happening to humanity – and more importantly who these Eugenicist’s are ??

But then ask yourself, is this the society that you want to live in?

Watch this shocking video report posted to YouTube here…




Has a plague already arrived? 205 Americans die each day after acquiring superbug hospital infections





Mike Adams
Natural News

March 31, 2014

If a jumbo jet crashed into the ocean every single day, it would roughly equal the number of Americans who die each day following superbug infections acquired at U.S. hospitals. Far from being some hyped-up scare story, that’s actually the conclusion of none other than the CDC, which has now publicly warned that 1 in 25 hospital patients gets infected and tens of thousands die each year.


“On any given day, 1 in 25 hospital patients has at least one healthcare-associated infection,” reports the CDC newsroom.

“The CDC’s 2011 survey of 183 hospitals showed that an estimated 648,000 patients nationwide suffered 721,000 infections, and 75,000 of them died,” reports the Washington Post.

If you do the math, that comes out to 205 deaths per day, on average, in U.S. hospitals.

Keep in mind that if terrorists were killing 205 Americans per day, every news network in the country would cover the story 24/7. If airplane crashes were killing 205 Americans per day, it would be headline news everywhere, and if vitamins were killing even just 1 person a day, the entire government would be calling to “ban all vitamins!”

But when hospital superbug infections result in the deaths of 205 Americans per day, it is simply another statistic and not treated as a national emergency. Somehow, the annual death of 75,000 Americans is considered “business as usual” in a sick-care system that virtually everyone considers a disastrous failure.

A hospital is one of the most dangerous places you can go in America

What these numbers prove is that a hospital is a very dangerous place. Simply entering the hospital for a seemingly routine surgical procedure can result in your death. I personally know of many people who entered the hospital to undergo elective, non-emergency surgery and then never came out alive.

And who is the most likely person to infect you in a hospital? Your doctor, of course. The very people who claim to be state-licensed authorities on all things related to health are actually carriers of deadly disease who routinely (and inadvertently) infect new patients with extremely dangerous microbes. They don’t do this on purpose, of course, but neither do they take the precautions necessary to prevent it.

Hand washing practices, for example are routinely ignored by most medical staff. In fact, a study commissioned by the licensing body for U.S. hospitals found that poor sanitation practices by hospital staff kills 247 patients each day across America. The study found “that doctors and nurses washed their hands only 30 to 70 percent of the time that they entered or exited a patient’s room.”

Doctors and hospitals refuse to embrace colloidal silver, antimicrobial copper, or medicinal herbs

By definition, “superbugs” like c. diff are completely resistant to modern antibiotic drugs. All of Big Pharma’s chemicals are useless against them. And because conventional medicine completely disregards the antibacterial power of colloidal silver, copper, garlic or antibacterial herbs, patients are never given those treatment options. As a result, a superbug infection almost always means death when you’re in the hospital. This is a case where the ignorance of conventional medicine can literally get you killed.

As it turns out, doctors and hospitals have no clue how to stop superbug infections, so they leave patients to die. And they die by the hundreds each day: over 200 daily in the United States alone. The CDC isn’t even trying to hide this statistic. They’re claiming, in fact, that they are “making progress” on this front when in truth they have already lost the war.

The era of chemical antibiotics is over

The great failure of modern medicine is that it invented and unleashed the vehicle of our own medical self destruction: antibiotics. These patented chemicals were once heralded as “miraculous cures” but have now thrust humanity to the brink of medical self-destruction. Soon, a simple infection entering your body from a minor scrape or cut may prove deadly, with doctors having run out of prescription chemical weapons to use against it.

And then, every routine surgery will be a life-and-death matter. This includes cosmetic surgery, gallbladder removal surgery and of course emergency room trauma surgery.

As I wrote in September of 2013:

The coming plague will not be stopped by drugs: CDC now admits era of antibiotics at an end as bacteria out-wit drug companies. The whole approach of fighting bugs with isolated chemicals was doomed to fail from the start, of course, since Mother Nature adapts to chemical threats far more quickly than drug companies can roll out new chemicals.

Sadly, the very approach of using an isolated chemical to combat disease is rooted in a 1950′s mentality that has nearly reached its endpoint in the history of medicine. The CDC all but admits this now, saying the era of antibiotics is nearing its end. “If we are not careful, we will soon be in a post-antibiotic era” – Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the CDC.

Every day, 205 Americans die from the after effects of antibiotics. Sure, antibiotics saved a lot of lives in the short term, but how many lives will they kill in the long run? Because sooner or later, a superbug plague may emerge that burns through the population, unstoppable by vaccines and antibiotics. The official cover story will likely be that the plague was a bioweapon released by terrorists, but the real, sobering truth is that it’s just a runaway superbug nurtured into existence by the careless over-use of antibiotics.


Mercury is good for children and other insanely stupid health lies




Mike Adams
Natural News

February 25, 2014

If you want to get truly terrible advice on health, foods and nutrition, just tune into the mainstream media. Across all the three-letter networks, high-circulation newspapers and establishment websites, you’ll discover a bizarre cesspool of truly dangerous, outdated and pharma-influenced health advice that’s more likely to get you killed than keep you informed.

Image: Vaccination (Wikimedia Commons).

In this article, I examine the five biggest insanely stupid health lies still being pushed by the mainstream media, almost as if these organizations think the world is flat or that mercury vapors can chase away evil spirits that cause disease.

You might even think this article is a joke. Although the content of this article is absolutely true, it really is a joke on the mainstream media which continues to lose readers and viewers by the minute. Where are all the readers and viewers going? To “alternative” news organizations like Natural News, where readership and social media numbers continue to grow by leaps and bounds. (Maybe it’s because we tell the truth and aren’t a bunch of pathetic sellouts to the corrupt, criminally-operated medical establishment, GMO poison pushers and drug companies.)



Insanely stupid health lie #1: Mercury in lobster is bad for you, but mercury in flu shots is good for young children!

When small amounts of mercury were recently found in Maine lobster, health authorities shut down the harvesting and the media reports on the “Mercury contamination from decades-old industrial pollution.” (SOURCE)

Mercury is toxic, after all, and you shouldn’t be eating it. Nearly everyone agrees on that point.

Yet, magically, when far higher concentrations of mercury are injected into children in the form of flu shots, suddenly all that mercury is completely safe and harmless, according to the mainstream media. Heck, the mercury even enhances the health of children, the media claims! Just watch this media clip which claims that mercury causes “improved behavior and mental performance” in children.

Yeah, seriously. I wasn’t joking when I used the phrase “insanely stupid” in the title of this article.

How, exactly, is mercury harmful when eaten in lobster but completely safe when injected into the body’s muscle tissue at far higher concentrations? To arrive at that conclusion, you have to be insanely stupid, of course. Or brain damaged by mercury in vaccines…

Yet this is the story you will continue to hear across the mainstream media: Mercury in vaccines is harmless, they say. Or better yet, some media outlets claim there is no mercury in vaccines at all, essentially claiming that mercury is a “conspiracy theory.”

The most astonishing thing in all this is the surprising fact that brain damage can be so selective. Apparently, mercury in vaccines can destroy all rational thinking centers in the brain of a mainstream journalist, yet keep alive just enough circuitry to allow them to copy and paste corporate press releases distributed by vaccine manufacturers. Fascinating how that “selective lobotomy” operates, isn’t it?

Insanely stupid health lie #2: There’s no such thing as a food that helps prevent cancer

Here’s another insanely stupid lie pushed by the media, and this one gets people killed. The lie is that “there is no such thing as any food which can prevent cancer.”

This lie is engineered and circulated for the most insidious of motivations: to keep cancer rates high and enrich the cancer industry by attacking the very sources of information the American people desperately need to prevent cancer, reduce health care costs, reduce suffering and increase longevity.

The fact that a multitude of foods have anti-cancer properties is simply not debatable by any rational person who is sufficiently educated on the subject. Blueberries, red grapes, broccoli, onions, garlic, pumpkin seeds, almonds and all sorts of foods have well-documented, scientifically-validated anti-cancer properties. Any journalist who publicly denies this in an article onlyadmits their own complete ignorance on the subject of anti-cancer foods and nutrition. This is what I mean when I describe mainstream media journalists as “nutritionally illiterate.” They truly are!

Anyone interested in actually finding science that talks about anti-cancer foods only need visit Science.NaturalNews.com where over 11 million scientific studies are organized, keyword-linked and republished from the National Library of Medicine. A person intent on learning something can spend days on the site learning about anti-cancer foods and dietary supplements.

There are also, of course, extremely helpful books written by doctors and PhDs who are experts on the subject of anti-cancer foods. One of my favorites is called Foods to Fight Cancer: Essential foods to help prevent cancer. It describes all the scientifically-validated anti-cancer benefits of certain food groups such as citrus fruits (the white layer inside the peeling is anti-cancer) and cruciferous vegetables.

People who still think there’s no such thing as anti-cancer foods must be living in the Stone Age, or are willfully ignorant.

Insanely stupid health lie #3: Fluoride improves public health

It’s interesting that now even a notable professor at the Harvard School of Public Health agrees that fluoride consumption lowers IQs in children.

According to the published study, researchers “found strong indications that fluoride may adversely affect cognitive development in children. Based on the findings, the authors say that this risk should not be ignored, and that more research on fluoride’s impact on the developing brain is warranted.”

But hold on: the mainstream media says that anyone who asks intelligent scientific questions on fluoride toxicity is a nut case. Fluoride is ASSUMED to magically be safe, regardless of the evidence, and this myth is obediently repeated by nearly every mainstream media outlet as if it were established fact. When “fluoride” is ever mentioned, media journalists like up like toy soldiers and salute to the chemical industry’s desire to eliminate toxic chemical waste by labeling it “fluoride” and dumping it into the public water supply.

The reality is far different from what we are told: Fluoride makes the population stupid. It lowers IQ points in children. It dumbs down the adult population, too, and keeps people cognitively suppressed. “Fluoride” isn’t just fluoride, either: it’s loaded with toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

But that’s the whole point. Fluoride is a huge success at its intended mission: to keep people so incredibly stupid that they will actually believe the mainstream media, or the White House, or even — gasp! — CNN. To watch Piers Morgan and believe anything he says, you almost have to deliberately drink gallons of fluoride to eliminate all higher reasoning function in your brain.

Insanely stupid health lie #4: Nutrition is a waste of money

Don’t waste your money on vitamin pills! Didn’t you hear? Nutrition will only give you “expensive urine!”

It is with this particularly insidious lie that the American public is encouraged to stop buying vitamins and instead buy prescription drugs which are 10,000% more expensive and thereby create the world’s most expensive urine of all. In fact, the average American’s urine contains more dollars worth of prescription drugs than the entire day’s salary of a factory worker in China.

According to the mainstream media — which is largely supported by junk foods, fast food and prescription drugs advertising — all you need to be truly healthy is junk foods, fast food and prescription drugs. All those silly “organics” and “dietary supplements” and “superfoods” are just a waste of time and money, didn’t ya know? Only crazy people buy healthy food. Real Americans go to the pharmacy!

Oh, and don’t worry about the fact that everybody around you who actually pursues a lifestyle of junk food, fast food and prescription drugs is dying from cancer, diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. That’s just bad luck, we’re told. It has nothing to do with their diets, because if you believe the mainstream media’s health hacks, diet has nothing to do with health outcomes!

Astonishingly, many journalists actually believe in such lunacy.

Insanely stupid health lie #5: Disease outbreaks are caused by a lack of vaccinations

Every time you hear about an outbreak of whooping cough, or measles, or the flu, the entire national media lines up to declare, in obedient unison, “It’s all due to a lack of vaccines!”

It’s almost magical — or possibly tragic — to see the knee-jerk reaction play out across the bought-and-paid-for media. Didn’t you know? Disease is actually CA– USED by a lack of vaccines?

When vaccines are not injected into children in high enough numbers, diseases spontaneously erupt from nothing!

This was, of course, the very theory of disease before the Germ Theory. Diseases were thought to spontaneously appear without cause, and mercury was one of the “treatments” given to patients by doctors of the day to make diseases go away.

Not much has changed in 250 years, it turns out. Today, the mysticism of vaccinations remains just as irrational and faith-based as the medical voodoo of the 1700′s, and the lack of reasoning among those who write the news for the masses is just as pathetic today as it was back then. The technology may have changed in a couple of centuries, but human brains haven’t changed at all, and they’ve always been easy for the establishment to manipulate.

Nowhere along the line has anyone bothered to look at the importance of nutritionally supporting the immune system so that it can fight off infectious disease without breaking down into symptomatic sickness. If you believe the mainstream media, your immune function has no purpose whatsoever and it was a mistake that you were ever born with one. Instead, you should let interventionist medicine run your immune system through the injection of viral strains, aluminum, mercury, MSG, formaldehyde and other deadly chemicals routinely used in vaccines.

You were, in other words, born an “incomplete” human who can only achieve completeness through multiple vaccine injections which then somehow make your failed immune system suddenly whole.

Except that in nearly every breakout of measles, mumps and flu, it’s the vaccinated kids who get sick the most! Don’t expect the mainstream media to ever report this fact. They don’t even ask the question! (Why bother asking if you don’t want to know the answer, right?)

If vaccines actually worked, then logically all the sick kids would be those who were never vaccinated. But that’s almost never the case, it turns out. In most cases, vaccines increase susceptibility to infectious disease rather than decreasing it.

Yet more media lies…

Just to wrap up this collection of eye-opening observations, don’t forget all the following lies which were also endlessly repeated by the media (and then proven to be outrageous lies):

• Obamacare would LOWER your health insurance costs and be readily available to everyone! And you could keep your job, too!

• GMOs are perfectly safe to eat in unlimited quantities, and without GMOs, half the world might starve to death.

• Drug companies need to charge monopoly prices only so they can raise enough money to develop cures for humanity. Because they care! And the only reason the FDA enforces a U.S. monopoly on drug prices while seizing importations of prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies is because the FDA cares, too!

• All the money donated to pink ribbon cancer fundraisers goes to help find cures for cancer. (Total lie. Most of the money goes to fund mobile mammogram trucks that go into low-income neighborhoods to falsely diagnose poor women with cancer so the cancer centers can rack up huge Medicare billings. Ka-ching!)

• The government isn’t listening to your phone calls, no way! That’s just a crazy “conspiracy theory.” And no, your credit card records and bank records aren’t being tracked, either… stop being so paranoid!

Want to stop being lied to? Want to know the truth about food, health, nutrition, cancer prevention and vaccines? Read Natural News like over six million other people do each month. And find out why people who stop watching CNN never go back.


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Fired for Vaccine Refusal: Woman to Sue Hospital over Mandatory Flu Shot





Christina Sarich
Natural Society

January 31, 2014

Think you have complete autonomy when it comes to your health? Think again; Big Pharma may be trying to control us all. But Karen Good of Warsaw thinks that her former employer, the Coshocton County Memorial Hospital in Ohio, should keep their hands off her body, and even more important, that she shouldn’t be fired for refusing to get a vaccine.

Flu vaccines have been linked to a deluge of dangerous health conditions. Credit: ZaldyImg via Flickr

Flu vaccines have been linked to a deluge of dangerous health conditions. Credit: ZaldyImg via Flickr

This woman is a pharmaceutical buyer and never comes into contact with patients, but when she refused to receive a flu vaccination she also was required to wear a mask.

Even after utilizing a clearly stated religious exemption outlined in her workplace policy, she was fired when she refused to get the flu vaccine. Good has now filed a lawsuit with the U.S. Southern District Court of Ohio claiming wrongful termination.

The lawsuit states that in October of 2012, the hospital implemented a policy that mandated all employees receiving the flu shot (including H1N1, influenza A and influenza B no later than Nov. 1 of the same year. Previously, the vaccines were offered but not required. You could be exempt from the vaccines if you had a medical condition or religious belief, which prohibited your getting the vaccine.

I don’t want to sound acidulous, but a healthy person is a ‘medical’ condition for all sorts of complications with flu vaccines. One mother claimed her healthy son died from a flu vaccine, falling into a coma just 24 hours after receiving his first ever flu shot.

Read: There is No Such Thing as a ‘Safe’ Vaccine

Furthermore, the lawsuit claims, “Good is a practicing Christian with sincerely held religious beliefs,” but was still denied an exemption in October 2013.

As far as I know, there is a Freedom of Religion clause in the First Amendment that constitutionally guarantees our right to our spiritual beliefs, including not being poisoned by vaccines. Even still, do we really have to claim a religious persuasion to protest self-mutilation? If Big Pharma has its way, it looks like even that’s not enough.

There is undoubtedly a lot of controversy surrounding vaccines and not only their necessity, but also their safety and true purpose. But controversy aside, anyone should have the right to refuse a vaccination if he/she is against the notion for any reason. To try to force vaccinations is just another attempt to impede on our rights as human beings.


Obamacare falling apart at the seams: Indiana moves to nullify healthcare law





Michael Lotfi

January 20, 2014

The state legislatures of Oklahoma, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and now Indiana have all taken steps to nullify the federal healthcare law.

Tenth Amendment Center national communications director Mike Maharrey said that this could create a formidable bloc, pulling the rug out from under the already flailing federal act.

“If five states pass something like this, they’re going to be paying attention,” he said. “And if ten or fifteen do it? It’s game over for Obamacare.”

Indiana state Rep. Timothy Harman (R) along with two co-authors have introduced legislation which would virtually nullify Obamcare within the state of Indiana if passed.

Read more


Hawaii Bans GMO Biotech – Citizens Cheer in Excitement






Christina Sarich
Natural Society

January 20, 2014

Hawaii is a unique place – not only because of its cultural and agricultural diversity, but because the politicians sometimes actually listen to the demands of the people. Fortunately, the mayor of the Big Island Hawaii, Billy Kenoi, has now banned biotech GMO from his island, and thousands of Hawaiians are cheering his decision to sign Bill 113, even though the agriculture industry largely opposed it.

He can stand proud no matter what part of the islands he travels too, as this unprecedented move to keep the ‘aina,’ or land pure has been upheld.


Furthermore, Kenoi wants to encourage community-based farming and ranching, with a nod to local commerce instead of international biotech monopolies. The only problem with the bill is that is exempts the island’s GMO papaya industry, but it is a huge step in the right direction to ban GMO crops.

In a letter to city council members Kenoi states:

“Our community has a deep connection and respect for our land, and we all understand we must protect our island and preserve our precious natural resources . . .We are determined to do what is right for the land because this place is unlike any other in the world.”

On an island, it is hard to run away from the fruits of your labor, or your political decisions – you might run into a farmer that feeds your family at the grocery store, or the mother who visited your last public forum meeting on the beach.

This bill was signed just weeks after Kauai passed its own law relating to GMO and disclosure of pesticide use by biotech companies.

In places where the land is so beautiful, it is easier to understand what is at stake when GMO interferes with Mother Nature. If you live in paradise compared to a concrete jungle, you become less disassociated from nature, and the food, shelter, and textiles around. Hawaiians are especially proud of the of land for this reason, but their message can be carried throughout the world.

Hopefully this act against Monsanto, Syngenta, and other biotech giants in Hawaii will spark similar GMO banning bills in other states – such as Maine and Connecticut recently passing GMO labelling bills.



Massive Die-Off of West Coast Sea Life Accelerates





Adan Salazar

January 11, 2014

Oregon natives confirmed to Infowars Friday that strange anomalies have sprung up along the Pacific coast in what amounts to further testimony supporting the fact the media is suppressing both the surge in extremely high radiation readings along the West Coast and the subsequent die off of sea life in the area.

Several residents in the Charleston fishing village described suspicious anomalies such as disintegrating bioluminescent jellyfish and Japanese “tsunami debris” washing ashore, with one lifetime resident even telling us he saw about a hundred dead starfish near the Bastendorff Beach County Park.

Marine biologists had originally encountered “melting” starfish off the Washington state coast of Puget Sound, a mysterious illness scientists termed “sea star wasting disease.”

Read the Report filed here


Previously, Oregon was thought to be, for the most part, isolated from the illness. It had only been encountered “in a tide pool at Tokatee Klootchman State Natural Site, south of Yachats,” according to Rob Davis of The Oregonian.

Earlier this month, David Knight broke down the massive starfish die off: (Link following…)

Watch the Infowars News Report filed on YouTube here

However, a life long resident of Charleston, who did not want to appear on camera but told us he walked the beach there each day, said he had encountered the phenomenon just south of Bastendorff Beach County Park, suggesting the epidemic is far more widespread than previously speculated.

A representative at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology in Charleston, who also did not want to appear on camera, also said he was aware of the sea star issue.

The highest reading we encountered during our time in Charleston was about 74 CPM off the shore of a marina. One albacore tuna in Charleston tested at 38 CPM, and another at 36 CPM, relatively low levels compared to the readings at Surfer’s Beach — levels that reveal the relative severity of radiation hot spots around the West Coast.

News that the inexplicable die off has reached the Oregon coastline follows reports of bizarre activity in the Pacific Ocean.

Last week, scientists in Northern Mexico’s Laguna Ojo de Liebre discovered “what appears to be the first ever documented case of conjoined gray whale calves,” reported StoryLeak’s Mikael Thalen.

“While conjoined twins have been found in several other whale species, a search of the database at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County by local scientists produced no records of conjoined gray whales,” Thalen reported.

Additionally, a study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found 98 percent of the ocean floor is littered with dead sea life, a metric that has increased 97 percent in the last two years alone. “In the 24 years of this study, the past two years have been the biggest amounts of this detritus by far,” Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute marine biologist Christine Huffard told National Geographic last November.

Scientists and governments are reluctant to blame the anomalies on radioactive particles leaked into the ocean from the 2011Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear disaster, however, that this could possibly be the cause has not yet been completely ruled out.

The fact that the federal government recently procured 14 million doses of potassium iodide, a compound meant to protect the thyroid gland in the event of a nuclear disaster, in addition to the fact they would not address the purchase during a phone call, has only stoked concerns that radiation is impacting the West Coast and contributing to the mass die off.

Witnesses we’ve spoken to from as far away as Alaska have mentioned witnessing Japanese tsunami debris wash ashore with visible Japanese writing, however our measurements indicate the radioactivity is concentrated along the West Coast of California. For instance, readings taken at beaches in Bean Hollow State Park and Salinas River State Beach read 100 CPM or higher, compared to readings taken on the Charleston, Oregon, beach which only gave maximum readings of 54 CPM.


Podshelter will keep you posted….


As Fukushima radiation makes landfall on California beaches, Natural News announces lab to test foods for radioactive “Cesium-137”





Mike Adams
Natural News

January 7 2014

Radiation from Fukushima has reached the shores of California. This has been confirmed by county officials in Half Moon Bay, California, who conducted radiation tests and found a 500% increase in radiation on the beaches there.

Alarm has been raised over the past few days thanks to amateur videos like this one showing alarmingly high Geiger counter readings on the beaches. “The videos follow other alarming news last month that starfish were mysteriously disintegrating along the West Coast, a trend that has not been linked yet to any cause,” writes the Half Moon Bay Review.

It has been confirmed that TEPCO lied about radiation readings at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power plants. Actual radiation releases were as much as 18 times higher than “official” reports.
It is now widely believed by nuclear experts that radioactive elements such as Cesium-137 have entered the food chain in the Pacific Ocean and have begun to arrive on the shores of California. This means seafood caught in the Pacific Ocean must now be tested for radiation.

Natural News announces atomic spectroscopy lab to test for radioactive isotopes such as Cesium-137

Today Natural News announced the launch of its new laboratory project and the food science subdomain http://labs.naturalnews.com

Using high-end atomic spectroscopy instrumentation and working in partnership with the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center, Natural News is now publishing elemental analysis data on a large number of foods, superfoods, groceries, herbs and even nutritional supplements.

The elements currently being published at Natural News Labs are:

• Aluminum
• Copper
• Arsenic
• Cadmium
• Mercury
• Lead
• Uranium (atomic mass of 238)
• Cesium (atomic mass of 133)

In addition, Natural News is also publishing the Metals Retention Factor (MRF) and Metals Capturing Capacity (MCC) numbers pioneered by Mike Adams. These numbers describe the ability of foods to either retain toxic elements contained in their composition or attract and bind with toxic elements found in digestive acid (gastric acid).

Testing foods for radiation

Radioactive Cesium-137 is the most prominent and dangerous element found in foods in the aftermath of nuclear catastrophes or nuclear weapons. Cesium-137 has a half-life of 30 years, and it persists in soils for 200 – 300 years. Cesium-137 mimics potassium in plant and human biology, so it goes everywhere that potassium goes (i.e. every single cell of your body).

Directly testing foods for radioactive Cesium-137 is extremely difficult with atomic spectroscopy because Cesium-137 has the same atomic mass as Barium. Thus, atomic spectroscopy instrumentation is unable to distinguish between the two.

However, Adams has combined atomic spectroscopy analysis with laboratory-grade benchtop timed radiation decay meters to arrive at a highly accurate methodology which can determine both a food’s current level of radioactivity as well as that food’s natural affinity for absorbing the Cesium element.

These two numbers detail the “radioactivity profile” of a particular food substance.
Natural News is now testing fish products harvested from the Pacific Ocean for their radioactivity and Cesium affinity profiles.

In addition, Adams is also searching through hundreds of botanicals and dietary substances to identify substances which have strong ionic affinity for Cesium atoms. This research is well underway, and results will be published on Natural News.

“We have already documented the fact that Hawaiian Spirulina has an extremely high natural affinity for Uranium, capturing over 89% of the free Uranium in our digestion simulation tests. The Metals Capturing Capacity of Hawaiian Spirulina for Uranium-238 is 15.2, meaning each gram of Hawaiian Spirulina binds with 15.2 micrograms of Uranium.”

Spirulina’s affinity for Cesium, however, was much lower, clocking in at an MCC of only 2.6. “We are confident we can identify other dietary substances with higher affinity for Cesium, but the search is tedious and expensive,” Adams explained.
To stay up to date on the search for Cesium-binding substances, stay tuned to Natural News and the Natural News Forensic Food Lab.





Government & Mainstream Media Covering Up Fukushima Radiation Wave Hitting US



As radiation levels spike and mutated wildlife washes ashore, government and media promote delusion.


Anthony Gucciardi

January 8, 2014


Radiation hot spots are popping up around the United States thousands of percentages higher than ‘background radiation’, mutated wildlife is being found dead on the same West Coast beaches where increased radiation levels have been documented by independent researchers and the Fukushima TEPCO plant workers have been caught using duct tape to fix their nuclear equipment. But according to both the Japanese and United States governments, these events mean absolutely nothing.

In fact, you must be a conspiracy theorist if you fail to believe the official story that it was likely red-painted utensils that led to a spike in documented radiation levels along the California coast (yes, the government actually offered this up as an official answer). And you must absolutely be a conspiracy theorist if you have the gall to actually look back to late 2011, when researchers presented their findings regarding the impending wave of Fukushima radiation that was already being recorded within the country.

Information going back to 2011 shows that scientists were already concerned about an increase in radiation levels and the overall fallout from the dilapidated Fukushima plant. We can even go back to the declaration by scientist Marco Kaltofen of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute that radioactive ‘hot particles’ had been found at 2 out of the 3 radiation monitoring stations in Boston. As you are likely aware, hot particles are microscopic pieces of radioactive material that can absolutely wreak havoc on your body via the deliverance of concentrated radiation.

And these particles, according to Kaltofen, were already being found in Boston as far back as 2011.

Now enter a new flurry of stories that have seemingly been popping up one after another as radiation levels are continually being monitored around the nation — namely the West Coast, where the bulk of Fukushima-linked scenarios have been documented. In what sounds like an apocalyptic plot for the latest thriller film, we have mutated whales now washing up dead on the West Coast in the first ever documented case of conjoined gray whale calves. We even have elevated radiation readings as far away as St. Louis, Missouri.

Coincidentally, of course, this is happening at the same time that radiation hot spots exceeding a 1,400% increase over ‘normal’ levels are being reported by researchers. It’s even happening at the same time that similar 500% increases have been disregarded by government officials who admit they have no idea what’s going on but fervently deny any connection to Fukushima in any capacity whatsoever. In fact, that has always been the mantra of these government health officials: We have no idea what’s really going on, but it’s definitely not Fukushima!

Because just as the Japanese government has assured its citizens that Fukushima is perfectly safe and poses no real threat to your health while secretly reviewing studies that reveal the plant released massively more radiation than admitted and led to 78% of the radioactive waste being dumped into the Pacific Ocean, the United States government would much rather silently purchase 14 million doses of potassium iodide than tell you that there may be some cause for concern.

The very core of the Fukushima disaster timeline that has been regurgitated by the mainstream media and government agencies alike was almost exclusively based on information provided by plant operator TEPCO — a company that is now on record as having lied to the population of the world in a major way. And there were no signs they would ever tell the truth unless forced to. It wasn’t until an independent investigation revealed the actual levels of radiation released from the plant (around 2 1/2 times more than TEPCO would even admit) that TEPCO was forced to go on record and state that the radiation levels they released were indeed much lower than reality.

However, the independent investigation into Fukushima radiation levels not only exposed the lies by TEPCO regarding the radiation explosion at the plant, but it also found that around 78% of the caesium-137 released by the plant was funneling into the Pacific Ocean. The plant now states that the three reactor meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi plant released about 900,000 terabecquerels of radioactive substances. About 20% fell on Japanese land, 2% somewhere on land outside the country, and a whopping 78% remainder is believed to have entered the Pacific Ocean.

At the very least, the Japanese and United States governments should be preparing citizens for what scientists said could last ‘thousands of years’: the Fukushima nightmare. And that begins with admitting that the threat is real. Because unless we really prepare ourselves and work together as a planet to truly fix the Fukushima plant and ensure that the 1,4000+ rods do not cause yet another massive meltdown (as experts say they likely will during transfer), we really will be facing a radioactive nightmare of epic proportions.



Farmers File Lawsuit to Protect Themselves Against Monsanto





Elizabeth Renter
Natural Society

January 8 2014

Monsanto would have you believe that their seeds cause no risk to modern agriculture, that they are simply trying to provide the best products to feed the world. But, both in the lab and in the fields, we’ve seen this to be far from true. Worse, GMOs are contaminating conventional fields, and leaving some farmers with no choice as to what they grow. This has led to numerous farmers joining forces, filing lawsuits against Monsanto to protect themselves.

Farmers are trying to protect themselves from contamination and lawsuits from patented GMO seeds blowing into their fields. Credit: Takkk via Wiki

Recently, the Public Patent Foundation filed a brief with the high court of the land in an effort to protect these farmers. The case, Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association (OSGATA) vs. Monsanto, was thrown off track earlier this year by an Appellate Court ruling in favour of the seed giant. Now, organic and conventional family farmers are hoping the Supreme Court will grant them the right to protect their crops and their livelihood from contamination and legal action by Monsanto.

The OSGATA is not only concerned about what might happen to their crops if they are contaminated with GM pollen from neighboring Monsanto fields, but whether the corporation will sue them for patent infringement. The company says it won’t. But, they’ve done it before.

“As a seed grower, who has spent the past 37 years of my life protecting and maintaining the integrity of my seed stock to provide clean, wholesome food to my customers, I find it unconscionable that Monsanto can contaminate mine or my neighbors’ crops and not only get away with it, but potentially sue us for patent infringement,” said Jim Gerritsen, an organic seed farmer and President of lead Plaintiff OSGATA, according to GMWatch.org. “The appeals court ruling fails to protect my family and our farm and has only complicated matters.”

Currently, pollen from genetically modified plants is contaminating conventional fields, leaving those farmers who wish to keep GMOs out with considerable costs as they test their crops and seeds to ensure there is no transgenic contamination. What’s worse, the USDA considers GMO contamination ‘normal’.

Earlier this year, a US Appeals Court ruled plaintiffs are unable to bring suit against Monsanto in order to protect themselves from Monsanto’s contamination. The Court said, “Monsanto has made binding assurances that it will not take legal action against growers whose crops might inadvertently contain traces of Monsanto biotech genes.” They made this determination from an anonymous statement on the Monsanto website.

The peculiar ruling leaves organic and conventional farmers fighting a spreading fire with a squirt bottle. If they have no rights to sue Monsanto to protect their farms, they will see their fields contaminated.

The Supreme Court should decide whether or not to hear the case in coming months.