Financial Collapse?






Financial Collapse…


Do any of these terms mean anything to you??

  • Banker Bailouts
  • Quantitative Easing and now QE2 and soon QE3
  • Derivatives
  • Currency devaluation
  • Monetisation
  • Debt Default swaps …


We hear these terms don’t we? As these become more familiar to us, even IF we have NO real idea about what they mean, we had better take notice of what is happening as a consequence of the effects of these things?

Consequences are many and varied – but these are just some of what we expect to see happen – and hope we are WRONG


So what do we expect to see happen…

  • We will soon see the US dollar fall from grace – it has already been ignored by Russia, China and Japan as the globally recognised Research currency for trade.
  • We will see the US dollar continue to lose value at an increasing rate as the truth about unemployment, falling manufacturing figures and an ever-increasing trade deficit continues to strangle any real recovery in America.
    As the dollar falls, it will ultimately lose credibility – nations with evacuate their exposure to Bills, Stocks, and Bonds and the share markets will fall uncontrollably – the dollar will then crash and burn – perhaps as soon as the end of 2013?
  • The Euro currency is not much better off with sovereign member nations all either in a need of Bail-outs / or soon will be?
  • Japan will slowly disappear into obscurity as a result of the radiation fall-out from Fukushima. Its effects will soon become more evident assuming that the Western media tell us the truth – needless to say the Japanese people are beginning to feel the effects of the mis-information / lies they are hearing?
  • China is only just now reaching its tipping point on the back of a decade of unprecedented economic growth. It now recognises that most of its debtor securities are domiciled in US Treasury Bills / US dollars. This is significant because when the dollar does finally collapse, then the US securities will become worthless.
  • Also recognise that China’s huge revenues came primarily from manufacturing / exporting to Europe and the USA. As those economies slow down and stagnate, China’s demand for raw materials with cease, and exports will tank.


We could provide you with a comprehensive and exhaustive description of these terms, but that is not our purpose here.

You should however do your own research to be more fully informed.

We are more concerned with presenting the WHAT we expect is happening – and NOT so much to question IF or WHY?


We want every one to become better prepared for the inevitable…



History repeating…

Nations are again entering a power struggle where, the world is tiring of the US sticking their noses in where they are not welcomed. With the continued war on Terror (or so we are told to believe) US citizens are now subjected to NAZI style black TSA terror, where they are sexually assaulted before being allowed to board a domestic flight – all in the name of Homeland Security (the name used by Hitler to justification his reign of Martial Law in the 1930’s)

  • Why did the US invade IRAQ anyway?
  • Why did the US choose NOT to take out Saddam Husein but rather embargo IRAQI ports which cost the lives of many millions of IRAQI children by starvation and which the then Secretary of State ‘Mad’ Madeleine Albright justified as necessary?
  • Why do the US have over 800 Military bases all over the planet?
  • Why do they want to begin another WAR – this time with IRAN?

Or perhaps the question ought to be..


Who stands to Profit from these wars?

The answer is ‘the Owners of course’ – The Military Industrial Complex?


But what is more surprising to those of you who do NOT know, is that the same people also OWN..

  • The OIL Exploration Industry, its exploitation and supply, and who also manipulates prices to the West globally?
  • The majority of shares held in all of the Fortune 500 and other large Corporate Enterprises globally?
  • The Largest Land holdings (even of Sovereign Nations) on the planet?
  • The Largest holdings and reserves of the world mineral resources – including fresh water?
  • All of the major Pharmaceutical Company’s on the planet?
  • Also owns the Industrial Scientific Research which designs / patents and supplies GMO food genomes and
  • Also owns the Industrial Chemical Company’s which produce the herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and fertilizers and
    • by default also controls the entire food chain, from seeds to its production and distribution to the entire plane
    • It should be no surprise that they also work to irradiate, and seek to ban the production and sale of all alternative health and nutrition products globally? (research Codex Alimentarius…)
    • It is also no surprise that they also control the curriculum of every Medical University in the West?  No wonder our medical Doctors have no real interest or support for alternative health products, vitamins and minerals – So now you know why
    • And who also regulates the Regulatory Bodies which (independently – what a joke?) approve our drugs and medicines
  • Who also controls Governments, even selecting training and having elected certain individuals?
  • And FINALLY (but NOT least) who also Controls the entire Banking Systems (Fractional Reserve) of the World economy’s, and 
    • Also therefore by default they also Control the issuance of each nations Currency


The answer to all these questions is of course – the BANKING ELITE… or as we prefer to call them – the ‘Banksters…’

Welcome to the NEW World Order…

Words echoed by US President H W Bush (pres # 51) in his 11 September 1990 address to a joint session of Congress…

A date that will live in infamy September 11th has some very real relevancy.

With the financial control, manipulation and pressures being brought on by the Banksters to cause the destabilization of world economics, the control of the OIL resources, its supply and its price-fixing continues, but Russia has departed to supply China and India and Japan all of the OIL these economies require – and traded in a currency of choice other than the US Reserve Currency, is putting major pressure on the US, its desire to manipulate the world (as the bully boys of the Banksters) is now beginning to buckle under the pressure and destructive of US foreign policy.


Even Hitler who once tried by force (but failed to unite Europe) but succeeded in the destruction of millions of lives caused by the events of the Second World War.  Where Hitler once failed, the UN, with the establishment of the European Union, with actions of the Trilateral Commission and the Council of Foreign Relations in the US, have (under the control of the Banker-elite or Banksters…) succeeded to unite and control all of Europe and the West.

With their agenda set to take total control of the global economy of the entire planet by stealth, and with the establishment of what we now know as the Reserve Banking system nations are falling victim to the greed and lies of National Debt – all of which is sold to them on false pretenses, lies and fraud.

With the unification of Europe, also comes a merging of dissimilar social and cultural clashes, a loss cultural identity, economic upheaval. Then comes the job losses and bankruptcy, debt defaults and finally austerity, with the continued progressive destruction of everything the sovereign people of those sovereign nations had come to know.

These continuing events are causing Financial turmoil globally, with the Banksters selling ‘junk’ securities, then being Bailed out – then finally demanding illegitimate claims of Debt to be repaid to the Banksters, followed by the illegal seizure and confiscation of national treasures, and with it pride and identity of the people – there will be riots… all designed of course by the Banksters who want social uprisings – then they will send in the troops to quell the riots and kill mercilessly.

With the continued plundering of the wealth of billions of people the world over (through their fraudulent Quantitative easing and selling of worthless Derivatives securities) the Banksters continue to lie and steal.

Let us hope that we are not exposed to the effects of another global Depression?  If a depression does eventuate, one thing we can all be certain…

Without being prepared, we will one day wake up in the land our fathers tamed, and find ourselves destitute, starving and possibly slaves in the new economy??

So let us NOT find ourselves at a distinct disadvantage – even one which could be life threatening…

Just take a look around us?…

With QE3 in the USA, and Ben Bernanke clueless as to what to do (now) to promote business growth, and with bailouts of Greece and soon Spain, Italy and even France, the Euro collapse will be assured. Depressed yet?

You had better be – any CASH you have in Bank Accounts will soon be worthless – and the only hedge against the inevitable collapse of the mighty dollar (Fiat Currency) is the ageless time proven true currency – being GOLD and Silver coin and bullion – other precious metals can also be included (these are scarce but quite difficult for many people to recognise and appreciate) Remember that throughout history and for at least the last 6,000 years, GOLD has been recognised not only as a currency, but also as a hedge against inflation, and good for trading in the exchange of goods and services.

Any wonder then that GOLD prices are heading higher each and every year as currency values of the dollar (or Pound, Yen etc.) continue their fall as inflation bites as a result of debasement of their net worth (through printing of money).

IF this is all news to you? – then you have much of catching up on the state of the global economy is concerned. We are NOT here to convert you – there is plenty of information out there which confirms our position.

When the financial collapse does occur, the planet will be plunged into a global depression far worse than the last – or anything we have ever seen or recorded in history before.

In the last depression (when in the west, 10% of the population lived in urban situations and 90% of the population lived in rural settings, and yet many 10′s of thousands of people still starved to death.

One would NOT expect this as those farmers should have been capable and indeed applied some degree of self-sufficiency?
Sadly however and for what ever reason (and there were many) this was NOT the case.
The major reason for farmers starving would have been because they did NOT have sufficient stores of food stuffs, and with no reason to store and protect any form of heirloom seeds from which to plant and grow even small food gardens, their demise was slow but inevitable as the effects of the depression took hold.

Why heirloom seeds – because these (unlike those you might otherwise buy from the gardening centre) produce a crop which also renders a result of seed stocks from which to harvest and re-plant in successive seasons for regenerating more food and yet more seed stocks.  This is critical when needing to endure extended period of food shortages, and also provides for a means to otherwise barter in exchange with others who may have food stocks / fuel etc which you may wish to obtain in exchange?

IF another depression ever does eventuate (as we suggest it will – and in our life-time) then many millions of people will starve the world over.   This will be true in even affluent countries (like the USA, Canada, England etc) and even more likely in Australia which has limited arable land and shortages of fresh water for irrigation.

This happens as a consequence of NOT being prepared, and because they will have nowhere to conceal themselves or their loved ones, or to securely store foods, firearms and seeds / tools in order to grow foods etc.

Should we be in fear of the Elite?

I learned a while ago not to try to make sense of what these Banksters are attempting to do and why?  We concluded some years ago now that these people are actually evil, and psychopathic control freaks who want the world to be theirs, and to wipe out 90% of the entire population of the world.

Their reach is beyond our comprehension in most respects…

When they can kill a President of the USA while in office, and get away with it – then we had better take note…


The quotation that John Fitsgerald Kennedy assasinated…

“For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system that has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.”




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