A Nuclear Accident?


The prospects of International nuclear accidents which will seriously affect the atmosphere are a reality in this age of Nuclear Energy.
Sadly, with the past events of a reactor explosion at Chernobyl Russia, the immediate and longer term effects are becoming apparent.

Researching the social economic and ecological impact of this accident is instructive – with many 10’s of thousands of lives already lost (prematurely), with many 100’s of thousands more irrevocably damaged, with diagnosis of terminal diseases contracted by local residents, as well as large tracts of populations living down-wind of the radioactive fallout.

220px-VOA_Markosian_-_Chernobyl02Affects continue today with premature and mal-formed miscarriages, and new-born infants with extremely high frequency of permanent firth defects – the list goes on.



The new Holocaust – as a result of cause and effect, the tsunami which hit Japan in 2010 which resulted in a sudden and tragic loss of life as a direct result, but which also caused the failure of cooling systems and eventual explosions and meltdown of 4 out of the 5 Nuclear Reactors.

Decommissioning continues at Fukushima Daiichi

The results and continued consequences of the events are not only being largely ignored by the mass media today, but also a closing of ranks between the Japanese Government and TEPCO – the owner / operator Tokyo Electric Power Company who are deliberately hiding the truth of the devastation and the extent of the long-term effects Japan will suffer.

There is no doubt that with radiation fallout readings in the USA and beyond now being measured at 100 times normal background radiation levels, the real extent of the danger and long-term effects of the Fukushima accident continue to be withheld – and the cover-up is further augmented with the West doing nothing at all to expose the lies, and call the World to take affirmative action to expose and then also to act in remediation and telling us all what to do to protect ourselves.



Or is there any prospect of a NEW Nuclear Holocaust?

As if radiation poisoning of our atmosphere from the likes of Fukushima is not enough, we are now entering a most dangerous period of human history.



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