Potential Risks




What are the Risks…

The risks we face are many and varied…many potential risks which we all face are beyond our control.  This does NOT mean we can NOT survive them – but many events can and will affect our lives in profound and dramatic ways – life as we know it now will change, and all we can do is to begin and continue to plan, and equip ourselves should any event occur.

While each risk presents a different degree of effect in our lives, the initial dangers we range from anything between what may be familiar, with little or no real disruption and will NOT affect us dramatically, to those which change everything.

The longer term effects can generally result in similar outcomes – because each threaten our very existence.
We provide separate pages – each which explores each risk category at length.

In an effort of providing sufficient protection from every possible event is well impossible?

No one on the planet are likely to ever survive planet earth being struck by an asteroid the size of Texas.
We do however suggest that the designs of our Shelters can cover more than adequate protection from a multitude of risks we may very well find ourselves needing to cope with.


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Preparation in times of uncertainty