Health Basics – What’s really behind the ingredient ‘Natural Flavours?’

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S. D. Wells
June 27, 2012

What does the term “natural flavors” really mean? Could it be that  the term “natural flavors” includes genetically modified, pesticide-laden food?  There are also plenty of “food products” on the shelves that read “all natural”  on the label, but they still contain large amounts of synthetic,  laboratory-concocted food agents, many of which cause diseases and disorders.

So how much more confusing can it get to simply shop for food that doesn’t  kill you slowly?

Exactly who makes the rules about terms put on  labels? You better hope it doesn’t all fall in the hands of the FDA, the  same organization responsible for allowing genetically modified food to exist  and be sold completely undercover ever since its inception. And does  natural flavoring include the migraine headache monster monosodium glutamate?  Also, can “natural flavoring” include bugs that are ground up to turn your food  into some “happy” colors that help you celebrate some birthday or big event? One  final question: could “natural flavoring” mean the food contains meat, even  though it’s a vegetarian or vegan product?

Maybe “natural flavoring”  means it’s not natural at all, instead, some food scientists were paid  millions to create un-natural, immune system “crippling” foods, drinks, candies  and medicine, just to make some extra money off of your sickness. There’s a  point where conspiracy theory bleeds over into the real world of unnatural food  and medicine, where paranoia of cancer scams and epidemics spill over into  actual statistics (United States), the ones which include every other man and  every third women in the most “powerful country in the world.”


MSG, Aspartame and bugs in your food are all considered “natural flavors” and “natural colors”

Do you  know what autolyzed yeast extract really is? It’s MSG. Do you know what  hydrolyzed soy protein (also MSG) does to your body? Have you thought about  eating some beetles lately, or do you only do that when you have cupcakes,  popsicles, birthday cake and cough medicine?
Has your doctor discussed  with you the fact that your ingestion of artificial sweeteners may be the main  cause of your muscle aches, headaches, irritable bowels and even  fibromyalgia? Do allopathic doctors, surgeons and oncologists in America  have to take even one single class in college on nutrition? No, they don’t. What  about continuing education to keep up with the latest food toxins?  Nope!

Who regulates whether or not something qualifies as a “natural  flavor?” Who does inspections at factories and laboratories, or is that left up  to the manufacturer, much like the way it’s up to vaccine manufacturers to  report adverse effects? When the police themselves are crooks, there’s no  “policing” of the crimes they are committing. In fact, the whole differentiation  of GMO & artificial from Natural & Organic has become a murky mess. The line of distinction between foods labeled “all natural” and cancer  causing food is not only  blurred, it barely exists.

First of all, regulations for the word  “natural” only apply to flavors; anywhere else you find it on food packaging  means absolutely nothing regarding quality. Secondly, the FDA definition of “natural flavors” and  “natural flavoring” allows for the substance to be extracted from plant or  animal “matter.” So when you buy something that’s organic, vegetarian, or  vegan, and it has “natural flavoring,” you could be eating a pig, cow,  turkey, chicken, or lambwhich was shot up with growth hormones, fed GMO  pesticide-laden corn and grain – probably mixed with other animals of it’s same  breed, then shot up with antibiotics due to infections and diseases from living  in confined quarters on slats covered in feces.

Your enemy wears a friendly mask

Gary Reineccius, a professor in the Department of Food Science & Nutrition at the University of  Minnesota has a tricky explanation for all you researchers. He convinces you  to think more about the practical difference between “natural flavoring” and  artificial flavoring, which is an angle that might make you think he’s looking  out for your best interest, but then he contends that the “flavorist” creating  any artificial flavoring could never achieve the same “desired flavor,”  and therefore, if a consumer “purchases an apple beverage that contains an  artificial flavor, he/she will ingest the same primary chemicals that he/she  would take in if he/she had chosen a naturally flavored apple beverage. What a  complete farce!

Of course, this makes no sense at all, but it’s one of  those resources out there to throw consumers off track who have the energy and  the “gumption” to look up the difference online. Mr. Reineccius, the illustrious  professor, goes on to tell you more lies. Next he informs you that, “Artificial  flavorings are simpler in composition and potentially safer because only  safety-tested components are utilized.” Really, so where are all the great  results from the GMO tests they’ve run on humans?

MSG is the grim reaper of food additives

Monosodium Glutamate is a  neurotoxin that can be legally hidden from you and/or be labeled “natural  flavors” in the ingredients list. MSG is not a natural flavor – in fact, it can  cause brain lesions, neuro-endocrine disorders, and neurodegenerative  disease in humans, but you won’t hear any doctors of Western Medicine  mentioning that at your next extreme migraine emergency visit. There are more  than 25 names for MSG, so sometimes you find it spread out a little, just  in case the manufacturer gets “checked out” by anyone other than the  FDA.

The FDA does not require that any source of MSG be identified. This  means that the FDA code does not require that “constituents” of an ingredient be  disclosed to the consumer. Yet in hundreds of studies around the world,  scientists are creating obese mice using MSG because it triples the amount of  insulin the pancreas creates, causing rats (and perhaps humans) to become  obese. This is what the FDA calls natural. There’s even a name for the fat  rodents that eat this “Natural Flavor” additive: they’re called “MSG-Treated  Rats.”

Not only is MSG scientifically proven to cause obesity, it is an  addictive substance. Since its introduction into the American food supply 50  years ago, MSG has been added in larger and larger doses to processed  meals, soups, chips, and fast foods. The FDA has set no limits on how much of it  can be added to food.



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