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We do hope that you agree with our philosophy, even if not with everything we have stated here?

Can we also encourage you to do at least these two things…


Do YOUR Research then Spread the word and Share our website – it is VITALLY importance to be informed

Be pro-active – take the steps necessary to become prepared

Ensure you and YOUR LOVED ONES are equipped to prepared to survive when society collapses

store food, have seeds to grow food, have fire arms to protect yourself in an appropriate way if the need ever arises…


We also welcome your contributions, your feedback, or to ask questions for our opinion.
Note that we do NOT profess to being experts in the subject matter – we do our research however but we are open to be corrected IF it becomes evident that something we have published here is incorrect.

We hope that any comments are constructive so that we may all benefit from the wisdom of the corrective.


If you would like us to make contact with you, please leave us your contact information and the nature of how it is we can help?




Thank you for visiting our website but please come back often as we are constantly adding vital content to inform you of current events (mostly international) which will affect us all whether we like it or not…


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This SITE is maintained voluntarily as a service to spread the information published






Preparation in times of uncertainty